What we deliver, provide, do, cover and offer.

Data & analytics

Already more than 12 years of experience in data & information processing. Excellent in Big- Data solutions. Understanding the importance of data-governance. Database optimization. Implementing scalable and flexible data-infrastructure solutions. Cutting edge API development to build robust EDI solutions. Multi platform support: Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft & Hadoop. Delivering solutions instead of technologies: Implement what your organization needs not what the products offers. Real-time analytics to get the information you need today not tomorrow.

Cross border eCommerce

Let your customers buy what they want, where they want, when they want. Setup web shops that are connected to platforms like eBay and Taobao. Connected to global and local payment gateways. Accessible from a desktop, tablet and smartphone. Setup connections with 1st class shipping providers. Advanced analytics and SEO to understand you customer. Social awareness focussed on platforms like Weibo, Facebook, WeChat and Twitter.


With our divisions in Shanghai and the Netherlands, we not only established a dedicated team supporting our customers on a daily base but also have the advantage of the time zone difference. With a perfect time overlaps we are able to deliver 24 hour support without losing contact. With access to the local Chinese market we can flexible adjust and level up support. We build strong relationships that last. With a pro-active attitude supporting and advising organizations when they need. Dedicated or shared teams all working within a Agile environment.

Cloud & on-premise

With scalable server solutions in the Netherlands, Hongkong and Mainland China, we offer cloud solutions based on a first class redundant infrastructure. No need to rent or buy a specific piece of hardware but just acquire computing capacity on a monthly base. A cloud environment spread over three Tier 1 datacenters. Because of the built-in redundancy we can offer a High Availability product accessible globally whenever you need.

Website, App & software development

Grow your business. Building advanced website & web apps that fit your needs. Website SEO and UI country solutions that really connects you to the Europe and Asian market like a local. Working with the latest technologies to make your application as platform independent as you want to be. Open-source frameworks or fully from scratch developed .NET solutions. Transforming existing solutions to get you global. Solutions fully scalable and flexible. Within a fully cloud, hybrid cloud or a dedicated private environment. Online services that work.

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