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Company and its history

With years of experience in data- & informationprocessing Ren-IT learned how to setup and realize software that helps you understand what is happening in your business, the market surrounding you and the customers buying from you. With the world more interconnected, Ren-IT knows how to deploy your business on a global level. After many years of experience in Asia & Europe, Ren-IT started in 2013 has a spin-off. Offering professional outsourcing solutions for Small Medium Enterprises.

Working together with local professionals but also using the advantage to work as a global company, Ren-IT supports multiple companies in Asia & Europe to maintain their IT infrastructure, realize data/information solutions an setup eCommerce solutions. Using Cloud solutions Ren-IT enables businesses to run 24 hours and supports them expanding by offering local IT expertise on SEO, social media & eCommerce.

Ren-IT is focussed on becoming a global IT service provider. A provider that will enable SME to use the advantages of borderless IT.


13. FEB ’14
1. JAN ’14
Access to Asian workforce
Setup Shanghai office
1. NOV ’13
23. AUG ’13

Ren-IT B.V. setup

When growth is important but stability a must.